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What makes 1 on 1 tuition so effective?

Individual attention and patience are key factors. Our tutors are all academice achievers and are totally focussed on assisting their students to a better understanding of the work they cover. They can quickly identify gaps in their student's knowledge and remedy them, which effectively boosts the learner's confidence. The learner starts to enjoy the subject and is motivated to put in more effort which leads to better results.

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Why choose to use a tutor?

  • Proven Success
  • Focussed individual attention
  • Lessons held in your own home
  • Lessons in the language of your choice
  • Book tutors at times convenient for you
  • Tuition adjusted to personal learning styles

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Client Feedback

Many thanks for your wonderful tutors - Ross did pass all his exams and I know the contribution from both King and Moregood played a large role in this.
(Tanya - Capetown 2012)

Thanks to Education Matters my daughters chemistry mark increased from 40% in the June exam to 71% in the November exam. 5 hours of private tutoring a few days before the exam and her marks improved dramatically, we will definitely be using Education Matters again.
(Michelle - Johannesburg 2012)

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