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How does Education Matters work?

Education Matters admin staff respond very quickly to every enquiry treating each one as unique. Our lesson co-ordinators appoint the best available tutor for each new student and schedule the first lesson. If all goes well and the student is happy with their tutor, a timetable is agreed and a suitable package of lessons ordered and paid for.

We monitor progress, liaise with and replace tutors if needed and perform all administration tasks.

one on one tuition is a proven solution

Tutors are able to find and fix gaps in knowledge very quickly during one to one tuition. They can adapt lessons to their student's own learning style and accelerate understanding.
A better grasp of the subject matter boosts confidence, inspires motivation and increases enjoyment which naturally leads to improved marks.

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Tutoring is an ancient tradition

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We have a network of superb tutors countrywide & will do our best to assist you wherever you are located in South Africa.

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Why we love one-on-one tuition

Education Matters student happy with her maths tutor
Education Matters student with his maths and science tutor
"Jason's marks improved by 28%. Thank you for your outstanding tutors and your excellent service. I recommend anyone needing extra lessons to contact you."

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