Education Matters specialises in one-on-one extra lessons in all subjects and for all grades throughout Johannesburg , Pretoria , Cape Town , Durban and Pietermaritzburg we are also currently moving into Port Elizabeth and George so feel free to contact us if you require servies in these areas.

Since the establishment of Education Matters in 1999, the success of our clients has been our priority. This success is achieved through our company's commitment to providing quality, service and good value in everything we do.

Our success is evident through the continued exponential growth in our client base and due to the fact that we genuinely deliver results. Our Tutors achieve success by having excellent communication skills, academic expertise and the will to go the extra mile.

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In a constant effort to provide our learners every opportunity to reach their full potential, Education Matters sourced an educational range of books (see list below or Click here to order). This is a fantastic educational range of books that are continuously updated to comply with the National Curriculum Statements (NCS). Written/compiled by top educators, this range contains all the basic facts necessary to pass the subject. It offers a cost effective summary of the basic concepts. A learner is able to pass the subject concerned by learning the facts captured in this range.

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Ashleigh Clack - Lesson Co-ordinator

Heather McMillan - General Manager

Cell: 083-417-5419

Fax: 086-500-7320

Email: info@educationmatters.co.za

Click here to order any educational books below at only R150.00 each including standard postage in south Africa (5% discount if 3 or more books are ordered) - prices subject to change without prior notice

Accounting in a Nutshell10 (FET)
Accounting Exam Q & A in a Nutshell10 (FET)
Accounting in a Nutshell11 (FET)
Accounting Exam Q&A in a Nutshell11 (FET)
Accounting in a Nutshell 12 (FET)
Accounting in a Nutshell Exam Q&A 12 (FET)
Rekeningkunde in 'n Neutedop 10 (FET)
Business Studies in a Nutshell (Available March 08)10
Consumer Studies in a Nutshell (Available March 08)10
Life Sciences In a Nutshell (Available March 08)10 (FET)
Life Sciences In a Nutshell11 (FET)
Life Sciences in a Nutshell12 (FET)
Lewenswetenskappe in 'n Neutedop (Available March 08)10 (FET)
Lewenswetenskappe in 'n Neutedop (Available March 08)11 (FET)
Lord of the Flies in a Nutshell12
Hamlet in a Nutshell12
Things fall apart in a Nutshell12
Othello in a Nutshell12
Geography in a Nutshell11 (FET)
Geography in a Nutshell12
Aardrykskunde in 'n Neutedop11 (FET)
Aardrykskunde in 'n Neutedop (Available March 08)12(FET)
Maths in a Nutshell10 (FET)
Maths in a Nutshell11 (FET)
Maths a Nutshell12 (FET)
Wiskunde in 'n Neutedop (Available March 08)11 (FET)
Wiskunde in 'n Neutedop (Available March 08)12 (FET)
Physical Sciences in a Nutshell10 (FET)
Physical Sciences in a Nutshell11 (FET)
Physical Sciences In a Nutshell (Available April 08)12 (FET)
Survival Skills For High School7-12
Technology in a Nutshell9
Technology in a Nulshell8
Tegnologie in 'n Neutedop9
Tegnologie in 'n Neutedop8