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FAQ's For Tutors


Is this a part time job?

Yes! You can choose the days and times you work. All we require from you is that once you commit to a lesson or lesson schedule you stick to it as far as possible.

Will I need to travel or can I work online?

Traveling tutors must be willing to travel to learner's homes for lessons and have a few hours a week to spare.

In the case of online lessons, tutors need to have a reliable computer, a good internet connection (at least 400 kbps), a webcam, a set of headphones, sufficient data and access to reliable internet connectivity and data and if possible, backup power. 

Am I supplied with teaching materials?

The main source of tutoring materials is the student’s own textbooks and worksheets from their school. We will supply tutors with curriculum details from the Department of Education on request. Past examination papers can also be requested for Grades 10 to 12. Remember however to give plenty of notice as it takes around 24 working hours to supply quality information.

Do I get paid for travelling Expenses?

Generally, the hourly rate includes the travelling expenses. However, if you are required to travel over 15 kms to the student’s home the Lesson Coordinator may offer you travel expenses.

What qualifications do I need?

Education Matters Too tutors need to be in their second year, or higher, of a tertiary qualification. Many of our registered under-grad students, graduates, qualified teachers, and retired teachers have been tutoring for us throughout their university careers and beyond

Do I have to have my own car?

No. It is not necessary to have your own car. It is entirely up to you as to how you get to a lesson. The important thing is getting there – on time!

Why must I send my time sheet on the 26th and only get paid on the 3rd?

Education Matters Too needs to process the time sheet, send the clients invoices and statements, and give them time to verify the hours a tutor claims.

How do I get started?

Click here to start with the application form.


Once we have processed your application you will go onto our mailing list in your area and will receive regular Job Alerts via email of any new tutoring positions available in your area. 


Remember to check your email regularly and only respond if you are qualified to teach the subject or subjects requested.  If in person tuition is needed, please check that you can get to your student.

What qualities do I need?

Besides being passionate about and excelling in the subject for which they register to tutor, we carefully screen the candidates who best display the special qualities of patience, enthusiasm, commitment, excellent communication skills, and most important, RELIABILITY. Our tutors are able to adapt teaching methods to suit individual students' particular learning styles, have excellent communication skills and patience.

How strict are the hours?

Once you have committed to and taught the first lesson, you liaise with the client on future lesson times to suit you both

Do Clients come to me?

Normally you are required to travel to the student’s home for the tuition or the lesson will be conducted online. Tutors who are willing to travel a little further are often given preference by the Lesson Co-Coordinator. In exceptional circumstances the client will come to you, but this is agreed with you beforehand

What does Education Matters Too, do to make up their share?

Education Matters Too sources clients through marketing and thereby keeps up a steady workflow. We also carry the risk if the client does not pay the tuition fees. In this case the tutor is paid from Education Matters Too’s funds. We also provide resources and employ a lesson Co-Coordinator to provide a constant communication link between the client and the tutors and of course sourcing and screening quality tutors such as yourself takes time and money.

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