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Adults receiving tutor

Adult tutoring  

Adult learning tutor for organisations and individuals 

Businesses, NGO's, embassies and private individuals often require skills that can be supplied by a professional tutor. Tutoring programmes for adults can be tailor made for the organisation's needs. 


More and more adults are choosing to use the services of a tutor when they want to learn a new language or deepen their knowledge in a specific academic field. Group, online and private tutoring can be provided by experts in a wide variety of practical subjects.

Benefits of tutoring for organisations 

Learning is a lifelong process

We will find the right help for you  

Upgrade your workplace skills by getting a dedicated tutor to assist you in any field.

We have often been approached by organisations to provide customised learning solutions. Benefits of a workplace tutor are as follows:

  • The learning program can be customised to the needs of the organisation. 

  • Tutors can provide in-class sessions at the organisation's premises. 

  • Tutoring programs can be provided on-line, assisting team members who are working in different regions in the country or around the world. 

  • Tutoring sessions can be provided to groups or for individuals that require coaching, upskilling or have been selected for promotion opportunities.

Distance Learning tutor on computer screen
Tutors online or at the workplace
Words in different languages
Learn a new skill or language
Corporate Courses training
Tutors for Businesses
Specialised photography tutor
Specialised Subjects

Home tutoring for Adult Learners

Learn new skills conveniently with your own tutor

Improve Your Bookkeeping

More and more adults are choosing to use the services of a private tutor when they want to learn a new language or deepen their knowledge in a specific academic field. It's private and convenient and the lessons can be fitted around their own schedules. Our tutor database also consists of experts in a wide variety of practical subjects which they are qualified to tutor.

Bookkeeping tutoring session with calculator and accounts

Basic Conversation & Language Skills

There are many free online language courses to enable anyone to learn basic greetings and phrases in any language, but a few lessons with a one-on-one home language tutor will bring the language alive and help with pronunciation as well as make you aware of cultural mannerisms and expectations.

People speaking different languages

Can't Find Your Subject?

For 18 years we have built and nurtured our database of qualified professionals across South Africa. This means we have access to a large number of individuals with a wide range of skills countrywide. We will very likely be able to meet your tutoring needs in any field.

Windfarm symbolising scarce skills

Computer Literacy

Technology is here to stay! You can't beat them so you may as well join them, and you will be surprised at how easy it is to become computer savvy after just a few lessons with your own private tutor in your own home. Your tutor will customise lessons just for you and you will be able to learn what you want to learn at your own pace.

Child teaching old woman computer skills

Coaching for  staff

Staff development is critical for an organisation. If you have an individual who is selected for promotion or simply needs an improvement in skills a one-on-one tutor can coach your staff member to success.

Private tutoring session in workplace

Subject not here? Let us find a tutor in your specific subject.  

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