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The leap from school to university can be daunting to many students especially in their first and second years. It may also be necessary to study modules for which the student should have a matric pass but has not. Getting the help of a university tutor can bridge knowledge gaps quickly and ensure a pass and promotion to the next level.

Benefits of a University Tutor

Education Matters offers tutoring in multiple university subjects so no matter what degree you are doing, you won't need to walk the university path on your own. A university tutor can play pivotal role in providing academic guidance and support to students in a university setting. With a deep understanding of their subject matter, the tutor serves as a knowledgeable mentor who helps students navigate the complexities of their coursework.

A private tutor that comes to your home or an online tutor’s function extends beyond mere instruction.  The learning experienced is enriched by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent research skills. Moreover, a university tutor serves as a trusted resource, offering personalised feedback and constructive criticism to enhance students' understanding and academic performance.

Through regular one-on-one sessions a skilled tutor can facilitate the exchange of ideas, promote active engagement, and inspire a passion for learning.

A good tutor can also assist students in developing effective study techniques, time management skills, and exam preparation strategies. In essence, the tutor strives to create a supportive and nurturing educational experience that empowers students to realise their full potential, both academically and personally.

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University students achieve academic goals easily with a one-on-one tutor.


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Many university degree courses require students to pass at least one module of accounting. This can be difficult when newly introduced. Getting assistance from an accounting tutor has helped many of our students pass and even excel and go on to take higher level accounts modules. Our accounts tutors have assisted students up to master’s level in a variety of specialised accounting fields.

Accounting tools calculator and spreadsheet


Chemistry is a pre-requisite subject for a number of courses. It is known as a central science because it is so important to other sciences such as physics, geology, medicine, engineering, and materials science. it is also a linking point for many careers making chemistry a popular major subject. Getting a specialist chemistry graduate tutor helps students understand the complex concepts which need to be mastered to pass chemistry.

Uni Chemistry lab equipment


Whether you are studying towards a civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial or an aeronautical engineering degree, we have tutors who have successfully completed the same course, possibly at the same university as you, who can assist you with any difficult modules of your course and your assignments.

Uni Engineering wind farm


Mathematics is used in many subjects, ranging from ‘hard sciences’ such as chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering, to ‘soft sciences’ such as technology, economics, and psychology. Studying maths helps to develop analytical, research and problem-solving skills. A few sessions with a maths major tutor can help tertiary students pass any maths module they may be struggling with.

picture of mathematics formula


The mathematical science of collecting, analysing and interpreting data has become an increasingly important tool at the post-grad level in many diverse disciplines such as life sciences, Earth sciences, economics, education, psychology medicine, and engineering. This makes it desirable for every student to learn and practice statistical thinking at least at a basic level. Studying statistics at tertiary level opens many career doors. We have statistics tutors who can help you with this complicated and extremely useful field of study.

Statistics graph

Life Sciences

Biology is the most diverse of all the sciences. Whether you are studying Anatomical Sciences; Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences; Molecular and Cell Biology; or Physiology, we have a tutor to help you with any module from 1st year to postgraduate level. Our tutors help university student achieve their goals and are particularly helpful with exam revision and rewrites.

Life sciences microscope


Studying Engineering Graphics & Design (EGD) gives students the ability to produce and interpret drawings in the fields of mechanical technology, civil technology, and electrical technology. Previously known as technical drawing, the scope of the subject has widened to include civil drawing and architecture, making it a subject more relevant to a wider choice of careers. Getting an EGD tutor has helped many students excel in this subject.

Engineering Graphics and design tutpr


Attaining a high level of fluency in a second language is one of the goals of a university linguistics student. You will be required to develop your understanding of the culture, history, and politics of the country in which the language is spoken. Translation, international relations, business processes, or media and communication studies also need this skill. A home language tutor can be invaluable in helping language students to excel.

words in many languages


The gap between school physics and university level physics is large.  The field of physics includes the study of heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and the structure of atoms and quantum mechanics. As sciences go, physics is possibly the most complex and abstract of them all. The extra input from a physics tutor can quickly boost a student’s understanding of the concepts presented in any physics module.

Physics light bulb


Assignments may be the most important learning tool for any student. They can also cause the most stress when deadlines are looming. Assignments enable students to connect in a practical way with course content and to evaluate their progress when assignments are marked. Our tutors assist university students by advising on structure and presentation, research methods and content thereby helping students get better marks in assignments.

University written Assignments

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