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FAQ's For Clients 


Where are you based?

Our Head Office is in Noordhoek in the Western Cape Province, but we operate nationally in all the major cities and towns of South Africa. We can supply online tuition to more remote areas as long as you have reliable internet connection.

What happens if there are no tutors available in my area?

There are some different choices: If there is a tutor who is prepared to travel a further distance, an agreement can be reached which includes extra payment for travel expenses. Alternatively, you can meet at a half-way point at a designated place such as a restaurant with Wi-Fi, or you can opt for an online option.

How do you monitor the student’s progress?

Tutors are expected to report on a monthly basis to the lesson coordinator about how the lessons are progressing and will be given any support they may need.

How do you screen your tutors?

We are continually advertising for and registering new tutors. They are often graduates or current or retired teachers. However, the minimum requirement is that they must be in their second year or above of a tertiary degree. Every applicant undergoes a thorough screening process which includes but is not limited to a qualification verification and reference check.

What happens if the tutor is not a good fit?

As part of our initiation and administration fee, you are entitled to a free lesson, which is the time that you get to know the tutor and the tutor can also assess whether he or she can be of assistance with your particular needs. If you do not think the tutor will be able to work with you, we can approach different tutors that we have on our database.

How do I get started?

Click here to go to our student registration page.

How do you know if there is a tutor in my area?

Candidates who successfully pass our screening procedures are then loaded onto our tutor database. Our software  has been designed to locate our students and tutors on a map.

We use this process to source a tutor close enough to travel to your homes. We want to spend more time  tutoring and less time travelling!

How do you schedule the lessons?

Once you have met the tutor and purchased one of our tuition packages, a lesson coordinator will email lesson confirmations to both the student and the tutor.

What happens if I can't find the service that I need on this website?

Click here and drop us a line on our Contact Us page and we will see how we can assist you. 

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