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Resources for students, tutors & parents

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Resources for students 



Learning happens naturally when a child is playing or having fun. We constantly add resources to this dynamic page, where your child can learn and discover through websites and social media that is age-appropriate, do fun quizzes and discover answers to questions that little people are constantly asking. In addition, we will add reading related links where to find great books, both hard-copy or online, for your children




Children at this age will start receiving projects with a research component. Here we supply website links to great places to find information about all topics covered in the curriculum.




Learners finishing their high school years are under a lot of pressure both to achieve academically, and to begin to think of the direction they would like to take as future careers. Here we supply links to past exam papers, vocational tests, university websites study tips as well as great project resources.

Resources for Tutors 

Whether you need help getting started as a tutor or just looking for a way to spice up your lessons, our resources section will help you. We have links to resources that cover topics such as:

  • Tips for being an excellent tutor

  • How to work online

  • How our system at Education Matters works

  • HELP

Resources for parents 

Sometimes as parents we need to reach out for advice with regards to parenting our children through the obstacles they encounter at school. We have links to information for many facets of problems that may face a growing child, from parental support through the stress of exams, to correct eating, or the importance of regular eye tests. These are just a few examples of the topics we cover.

Multimedia resources

Our multimedia section finds useful resources on the web. Get help with assignments and research projects. This section includes: 

  • Graphics editors

  • Online libraries

  • Online mapping software  and more.


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