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Foundation phase child with lego

Foundation Phase 

Give your child a head start with a Junior Primary or School Readiness Tutor 

Grade R to 3

We will find the right help for you  

Learning happens naturally when a child is playing or having fun. Getting a Foundation Phase level tutor who has the patience and the time to gently instill good study habits in the pre-primary and junior primary student. This will build confidence in your child's own ability to master new challenges and inspire a lifelong love of learning. Any learning problems can be identified very quickly enabling early intervention. Having a few sessions with a tutor can also help to ensure your child possesses school readiness for any schools entry tests. Extra subjects like coding for kids is an area where a tutor can add value to your child's entire schooling experience

Find out more about our Grade R to 3 tuition services below: 

Language Tuition

We have a number of home language tutors on our books who enjoy teaching primary school age

Language board game scrabble

Coding for Kids 

More and more schools in South Africa are offering computer coding as a subject in schools.

Coding for kids lesson

Homework Help

Students gain a lot more than just help with homework when they have a personal tutor

Tuto helping a child with homework

School Readiness

School readiness tests are designed to give parents and teachers a good indication as to whether the child is ready to take the big step of starting school.

Little boys ready for school


English is a difficult language to learn as a second language. Start at an early age when children learn languages quickly.

Eglish tutor explaining to child on blackboard

RRR - Literacy

Reading, "Riting" and "Rithmetic" can be made so much easier wih a little help. 

Little boys reading


South African parents are following a worldwide trend of choosing to school their children

Foundation phase boy homeschool
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