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Group of senior phase students holding blackboard

Find a Senior Phase Tutor 

A good tutor can make a huge impact on senior school student marks

Grade 8 to 9

We will find the right help for you  

The teenage years should be exciting and enjoyable as students start to explore interests and passions, and type of people they want to surround the learn to shoulder more responsibility and at the same time cope with an increasing workload at school. A good tutor will give the student an extra boost of instruction in the subject they are teaching while at the same time encouraging him or her to set academic goals and work hard to achieve or surpass them.

Find out more about our Grade 8 to 9 tuition services below: 

We have a number of home language tutors on our books who enjoy teaching high school age.

language board game Scrabble

 Problems in maths arise when basic foundation skills have not been fully grasped. A maths tutor can quickly identify those areas and remedy them. 

Pi symbol with mathematics formula

Research and essay writing  are essential skills. Our history tutors will help you improve your history marks.

Historical picture of man on the moon

Innovate, design, collaborate, create - these are the skills all technology students are encouraged to develop.

Technology lesson with robot

Students gain a lot more than just help with homework when they have a personal tutor.

Girl with book doing homework

As a home or second language, English is difficult to learn. A few sessions with a tutor can make all the difference to your exam and test marks.

Girl reading English dictionary

A specialist Geography tutor will ensure difficult concepts are fully understood which will improve marks.

Social Science Geography globe

EMS gives scholars an  introduction to Economics, Business Studies, and Accounting. Our EMS tutors have assisted many students to excel in this subject.

EMS lesson with calculator and graphs

Get a one-on-one tutor to help your child learn computer coding and develop logical and critical thinking skills which help improve understanding in all school subjects.

Child in computer coding lesson

 A few hours spent with a study skills tutor can make a huge difference to a learner's results in all subjects.

Study skills mind map
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