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intermediate phase learners writing on board

Intermediate Phase  

Improve the academic progress of your Intermediate Phase child by getting a tutor

Grade 4 to 7

We will find the right help for you  

At this stage children have settled into school and made friends. They become more aware of social dynamics of their classmates and how they want to fit into the world as a social being. There will be lots to distract them during which time important sections of work may be missed. Getting a tutor now could ensure the gaps don't become overwhelming and cause them to lose confidence in schoolwork. Try a homework or specialist subject tutor.

Find out more about our Grade 4 to 7 tuition services below: 

The English language is often difficult to learn for a home language English speaker and even more so for the child for whom it is a second language.

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Maths often needs  passionate teacher who truly understands how to impart mathematical knowledge on a level that children can understand.


Geography and History teach children about where they are and how they got there. A good tutor can make these subjects come alive!


More and more schools in South Africa are offering computer coding as a subject in schools.

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South African parents are following a worldwide trend of choosing to school their children

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We have a number of home language tutors on our books who enjoy teaching primary school age.


Technology teaches about different approaches to problem solving, including engineering design and experimentation, using the process of an aim of reaching a desired goal or result. 


Natural Science 

In order to solve many of the critical issues the world faces today, we look towards science for solutions. The world needs scientists!

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Students gain a lot more than just help with homework when they have a personal tutor

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