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Business Studies

If you want to understand HOW to run a business, then business studies is the subject for you. Its' close cousin, economics, is the more complex study of WHAT makes a business run. Both are subjects which require a fair amount of learning and essay writing.

Business Studies lesson with coins on table

What is Business Studies?

Business studies tutors will assist learners to identify different types of businesses and what is needed to run them. They will also assist with topical essay writing skills. Business studies may ease the transition into economics at university level. Statistics show that university students graduating with economics degrees have the highest earning potential, with many career options open to them.

How a Business Studies can help you 

Find a Business Studies Tutor near you 

Many of our students have excelled in business studies and economics with the help of a home or online tutor.

Our Website has some excellent resources to help you with business studies. 

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