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FET Phase students in a discussion on school field

FET Phase  

Control your own future by making wise subject choices and getting the matric pass you need.

Grade 10 to 12

We will find the right help for you  

Grade 10 is a watershed year for students as the subjects they choose determines their career choice options in the future. Most schools have career guidance counsellors to help students make these choices wisely. Grade 11 end of year marks are crucial for students wanting to go on to university as these are the marks submitted when applying for admission. A large portion of the Grade 12 year is spent going into more depth in work introduced in Grade 10 and 11 and preparing for the matric exam. Tutors are effective at all of these stages to help ensure academic goals are reached and students step with confidence into life after school.


Taking courses not on the curriculum exposes the student to alternative fields of study and opens up possibilities for the future. 

Find out more about our Grade 10 to 12 subjects below:

Independent studies have shown that the quickest way to learn a new language is with a one-on-one tutor. It follows then that any student needing to improve their second language marks quickly.

Words written in different languages

Grade 10 to 12 maths marks can strongly affect a tertiary eduction applications. Make sure you get the marks that you need by finding a maths tutor today.

Mathematics equations written on a blackboard

Some people will argue that History is a dead subject with no practical value. A history tutor will certainly be able to inspire you to see that the exact opposite is true.

Historical picture of the lunar landing

Physical Sciences combines the scientific disciplines of Physics and of Chemistry. Let a tutor help you get a full understanding of this complex subject. 

Lightbulb in physics class

Business Economics requires students to acquire and understanding of complex concepts and how they inter-relate.  One on one tutors can help to simplify and explain these concepts to their students to ensure they are able to pass their exams.

Calculator and graphs in EMS clas

Students can find the concepts difficult to grasp but once they do, accounting becomes a valuable subject to study. Order an accounting tutor to help you reach that 'aha' moment after which your marks will naturally improve.

Calculator and spreedsheet in accounting class

EGD is also known as Technical Drawing which leads to careers such as architecture, engineering and fashion design.  

Student drawing with compass in EGD class

English is a complicated language. Whether you are studying the subject as a home language or as a second language, a few sessions with a tutor can improve your marks.

FET learners reading an English dictionary

 A Maths Literacy pass is acceptable for many tertiary courses. With the aid of a one-on-one tutor, the maths literacy student can rapidly improve their scores to achieve the necessary grades.

Maths Lit learner working out a problem

Geography is a Social Science combining the study of the physical world we live in and its features. Getting a tutor to help students with their map work is a common request from students in FET Grades.


Globe in a geography class

Biology is the science of life. Life Sciences involve the study of life and living organisms.  A life science tutor can assist students to find ways to recall the wealth of material covered and to practice presenting answers to questions set.

Microscope in Life Science class

Learning to use computers competently is an essential skill in today's rapidly changing world of continuous upgrades. Our tutors can assist to improve your knowledge in the major software packages.

Computer screens in CAT and IT class

Business studies teaches you how to run a business. Many of our students have excelled in business studies with the help of a knowledgeable tutor.

Money on desk in Business studies class

Study skills teach students valuable lifelong lessons which are relevant for all ages, at school and at work. A few hours spent with a study skills specialist can make a huge difference to a learner's results in all subjects.

Student studying for exams
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